Mã: DHI-ASC6208HMT-CS Danh mục: , , Từ khóa: , ,

Mô tả

> TCP/IP communication.
> Two communication protocols: RS-485 and Wiegand.
> Supports storing 100,000 user and 500,000 card-swiping records.
> Supports multi-door interlock, multi-user unlock, anti-passback, and remote unlock.
> Supports reader tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, unlocking timeout alarm, duress alarm, invalid card exceeding threshold alarm, and incorrect password alarm.
> Supports built-in RTC, manual time fixing, and automatic time fixing.
> Data can be saved permanently in case of power failure; supports online upgrade.
> Power supply through storage battery.
> Supports watchdog mechanism to ensure the operation stability.