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7″ LCD with a resolution of 1024 × 600.

The 2-MP dual-lens CMOS camera and high-performance image sensor ensure accurate recognition even in poor lighting and dark locations that lack illumination.

Features auto illumination to effectively reduce light pollution.

Supports 50,000 users (up to 50 administrators), 50,000 faces, 50,000 passwords, 100,000 cards, 10,000 fingerprints and 300,000 records.

Multiple unlock methods including face, IC card, password, fingerprint and QR code. You can also combine them to create your own personal unlock methods.

Displays the face bounding box and detects the face that occupies the most pixels in real time. You can also set target face filtering by configuring the face pixel threshold.

Recognizes faces 0.3 m to 2.0 m away (0.98 ft–6.56 ft), and detects persons between the height of 0.9 m and 2.4 m (2.95 ft–7.87 ft) when the camera is installed 1.4 m above the ground.

Powered by the face recognition deep learning algorithm, the device can accurately locate over 360 key points on the face of a target.

Faces can be recognized within 0.2 seconds, without need for the person to touch the device.

Features face mask detection and safety helmet detection.

Multiple display modes and voice prompts are available for broadcasting recognition results to protect the privacy of users.

Features face mask detection and safety helmet detection.

Liveness detection is used to detect spoof attempt, such as using a photo or video to gain access.

Offers multiple types of alarms such as duress, tamper, intrusion, unlock timeout, and excessive use of illegal card and password.

Supports different types of users, including general, patrol, blocklist, VIP, guest and other. Supports making video calls with indoor monitors, the master station, and mobile app.

TCP/IP and Wi-Fi connection, auto registration, P2P registration, and DHCP.

Supports beautifying faces. Recognizes up to 6 faces at the same time. Plays advertisements in video and image format.

Online update and update through USB.

Connects to DSS Pro and SmartPSS Lite